What happens in London – Kristina Adams

I am always a bit hesitant reading a follow up novel 1 will it be as good and 2 will it taint the characters you loved in the first book? 

I can honestly say this is just as good as the first book. You also could read this as a stand alone if you wanted but I would advice reading the first one as you get more of a feeling of their perspective andpersonalities. 

It does leave on a small cliffhanger but one most readers can cope with. You not going to get a deep story but I would categorize this as a teenage novel like geek girl so it ticks all the boxes in that type of fiction. So if you looking for a good old fashioned light read then this for you. I have loved both books in the series and have downloaded a prequel to read.  

Thanks to the author for allowing me to read this for an unbiased review. 
The real world 

This was a little prequel. It’s short and sweet with basically a chapter but free from a link in the previous book I read. 


Fox Scarf


5 out of 5

I love this scarf and tempted to have it for my self. Larger than I thought it would be and very soft wool used. Arcrilic aterial used which is a shame but it does feel like genuine wool. The beautiful scarf has the head at one end and the tail at the other. Suitable for an adult or a long scarf for a child.

Totoro design socks

5 out of 5

These are not the cheapest at £19.99 at full price but they are now at about £13. soa little better. They are well made and no nasty string to get caught in your toes like some cheap brands. Warm and soft with a cute design. Thick wool but not to thermal thickness. Ideal with this cold weather we having at the moment. This design is called Totoro which is anyone a fan of anime will know the large white cat. Supposed to be a Christmas theme but this design can easily be worn through the year. There is also xmas Raindeer…

And xmas tree…
I paid £6.58 so had them a little cheaper but would have been happy paying a little more for the quality and that it is also Totoro. Big fans of anime films here especially Studio Ghibli films. 

Winter faux fur lined Boots


4 out of 5

These beautiful feeling Boots will keep your feet extra snug in winter. As good as any Uggs I have had in the past and the suede is a good quality. 

Five colours are available and I found it hard to choose. The only downside is they are roughly a size bigger then needed and ordered so order a size below. 

Panda Hoodie(part 3)

Panda Hoodie – Reviews Are Us
3 out of 5

Okay new update. This has now been downgraded to a three. The Pom pom ears fell off during the wash

This is going to be my first review for my daughter. Looks great in the picture. Usually £21.40 but I had a discount and received it for £10.57 so just over half price. I will update this on packaging and quality.
Just trying it out now as my daughter has a tendency to find her clothes itchy once the tags are off. 

Okay she had worn it over the weekend and no scratching or wanting to take if off so a thumbs up from her. I took off the one point for the fleece. It has a nylon/polyester feel that could have been better for the price being paid but it’s finished off nicely and looks great so still worth the money. 

Striped Hoodie

5 out of 5

I do love this top. Well made and looks great on my daughter. Comes in a choice of three colours, light blue, dark blue and white. I choose the light blue and couldn’t have been happier with the choice.  Again ordered a large when my daughter is a size uk 10-12 but as long as you think they tend to run small you should be fine. If in doubt message the seller when placing your order.

My daughter has not taken it off today so that is her way of saying it is comfortable. Age 14 so grunts are her way of communicating at the moment. Finally got her to sit still so I could review this hoodie.