Roxanne St Claire

A message from the author….

I have to address something with my readers, friends, and fans that is a bit uncomfortable for me. In no way do I want to cast another author in an unflattering light, so that is not my intention with this post. However, I need to clarify something that is starting to become an issue. There is an author using the name Roxy Sinclaire who is writing what looks to be erotica. This is not me, not a version of a pen name for me, and has nothing to do with me. Her author photo is from a stock photo site and, it has been pointed out, that the image looks a little like a (MUCH YOUNGER) version of me, especially with my signature glasses. I don’t know this author and have not read her books or sought her out. I’m afraid that the name willl confuse readers who purchase her books expecting a Roxanne St. Claire book. This post is not a call to action or disparagement of this author’s choice of pen names. I just want my readers to know Roxy Sinclaire IS NOT ME.