The Killing of Aarushi and the Murder of Justice – Rajesh Talwar

I don’t normally read non-fiction but I was asked to review this for an unbiased review.

When it’s not normally something I would read this is excellently written. You feel for the victims that I had not been aware of before. Breaking down the case without prejudice but it soon comes clear how the trail was conducted and the whole case from loss evidence soon becomes clear it was a shambles from start from finish. I have since looked up the murder and years on it doesn’t seem to be a clear verdict.

It also portrays India’s justice system and lack of structure.


High Fidelity Transmission (A play on AIDS – Rajesh Talwar

This was a review copy for an unbiased review.

Now I had some formatting trouble with my copy from the publishers but it was a Bata copy so the review will be based on the story only.

Okay do not usually read plays in print but a good story on a difficult subject matter. The translation is a little off but that just adds to the characters. Loved and felt for the characters.