High Fidelity Transmission (A play on AIDS – Rajesh Talwar

This was a review copy for an unbiased review.

Now I had some formatting trouble with my copy from the publishers but it was a Bata copy so the review will be based on the story only.

Okay do not usually read plays in print but a good story on a difficult subject matter. The translation is a little off but that just adds to the characters. Loved and felt for the characters.


Emoji Bag


5 out of 5

Although not very big it fits my daughter’s p.e kit in perfectly. Only priced at £5.49 but I did receive a discount for review. Although I got this for my daughter if she was younger I would have used this for a story sack. 

Storysacks are an ideal way to introduce reading to small children. A brilliant way to spend time and set that time aside for just the two of you. You can open up a whole new world to your child with just a little imagination. Plus if you get together with your child’s school or other parents you can spread the costs. 

All you need to make up a sack is a good book to build your sack around then match up the toys to bring the story alive. From finger puppets to board games. There are a lot of ideas to start building up a sack but the joy you find when your child opens up their sack for the first time and discovering what is hidden will keep them interested in the story and engages their imagination. This bag is not the biggest but will get you started on your first sack. I really miss sitting down and reading with my children with these sacks. A brilliant way of getting children interested in reading.