What happens in London – Kristina Adams

I am always a bit hesitant reading a follow up novel 1 will it be as good and 2 will it taint the characters you loved in the first book? 

I can honestly say this is just as good as the first book. You also could read this as a stand alone if you wanted but I would advice reading the first one as you get more of a feeling of their perspective andpersonalities. 

It does leave on a small cliffhanger but one most readers can cope with. You not going to get a deep story but I would categorize this as a teenage novel like geek girl so it ticks all the boxes in that type of fiction. So if you looking for a good old fashioned light read then this for you. I have loved both books in the series and have downloaded a prequel to read.  

Thanks to the author for allowing me to read this for an unbiased review. 
The real world 

This was a little prequel. It’s short and sweet with basically a chapter but free from a link in the previous book I read. 


What Happens in New York – Kristina Adams

For a novel in women’s fiction you don’t get silly characters for a change which I loved or and hectic storyline that is bizarre. A great simple story that flows well and not too weak either. Ideal for a light read but still a good enough story to keep you entertained while reading. I loved the characters and the story. Can be suitable for young adults as it’s similar feel to the geek girl series but without the annoying characters. I preferred this novel to be honest. 

Thanks to the author for a copy to review. Looking forward to the second one.