Trials of a Teenage Werevulture – Emily Martha Sorensen

A magical tale that is funny and entertaining for fantasy fans. More for the younger reader but I loved it so older readers can happily enjoy this but don’t expect blood and gore that you would get from an adult type fiction. 

A great little story that I would be happy to read more off. 

Thanks to the author in letting me read this little gem for an honest review. 

Twenty-four potential children of prophecy – Emily Martha Sorensen

Twenty-four potential children of prophecy – Emily Martha Sorensen

Ok rubbish cover but so far a funny fantasy novel aimed at the younger reader.

An enchanting tale of one possible prophet that will do anything to avoid being the chosen one. Funny and a real page turner for young and old. 

Godblind – Anna Stephens

Godblind by Anna Stephens (Goodreads Author)

For fans of Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, and Mark Lawrence comes a brutal grimdark fantasy debut of dark gods and violent warriors.
The Mireces worship the bloodthirsty Red Gods. Exiled from Rilpor a thousand years ago, and left to suffer a harsh life in the cold mountains, a new Mireces king now plots an invasion of Rilpor’s thriving cities and fertile earth.
Dom Templeson is a Watcher, a civilian warrior guarding Rilpor’s border. He is also the most powerful seer in generations, plagued with visions and prophecies. His people are devoted followers of the god of light and life, but Dom harbors deep secrets, which threaten to be exposed when Rillirin, an escaped Mireces slave, stumbles broken and bleeding into his village.
Meanwhile, more and more of Rilpor’s most powerful figures are turning to the dark rituals and bloody sacrifices of the Red Gods, including the prince, who plots to wrest the throne from his dying father in the heart of the kingdom. Can Rillirin, with her inside knowledge of the Red Gods and her shocking ties to the Mireces King, help Rilpor win the coming war?

A gripping start to this story so thanks to the author and publisher for allowing me the chance to read this for an unbiased review. 

With the start I’m really looking forward to reading this story. Not for the younger readers of fantasy novels as the opening chapter get right into the story in a gory and uncomfortable start but it also gets you routing for Rillirin. 

I love all the characters even the ones you are going to dislike. Rounded and any Games of Thrones fans will love this even though this one is a lot darker but only up to book three on games of thrones so far. 

Gripping but gory. Oh wow the momentum keeps building until the end then leaves you hanging. Hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next part. Brilliant story. 

Thank you to the author/publishers for allowing me to read this story for an unbiased review. 

The Fairy Killers – Eric Slade 

This is a short prequel to Havenwood. I have not read that story but I will be putting it on my wish list. I got this short free with Bookfunnel. 

I haven’t read anything by this author before but from the first line the story captivated me. The story unfolds nicely and for a quick read you get all you need for a story. Good character development and a good writing style. If you like your fatatsy reads I think it’s a good one to see if you want to read further. 

Den of Shadows – Christopher Byford

Sci Fi & Fantasy , Teens & YA

This is my current read for review by NetGalley. Even though the beginning is about the backstory and how the gambling den came about with the train you don’t have to be a train buff to get into the story. Feels sort of steampunk with the locomotive train and dress. 

A lot of gambling and drinking being brought up so not suitable for younger children.  I love the characters and the story caught my interest. Only about 40% so far so update to follow…

Okay the story builds up in momentum to the climax. No cliffhanger but I can see this being the start of a series that I would happily buy into. 

The first fifteen lives of Harry August – Claire North

2 out of 5

This for me was so boring and I just couldn’t get the paradox. Sorry every life would make a ripple in the timeline so how could they be reborn over and over in the same life but make different choices but not alter others timelines?

I’m not being daft here but Harry seems to alter his life so much but with no consequences as far as I can see. For example he marries in one but not the other how doesn’t that leave a huge ripple in time by simply his partner marring someone else in a different timeline?

I will put that aside though as some could read that happily enough and still enjoy the story but for me took too long for it to get going. Seventy percent in and for me warms up so if you got stamina in books then you could well love it. A lot of my friends did feel completely different to the story so it just might be down to personal prepective. Taken me just over a week to read and that is a snail’s pace for me. £8.99 paid.

Penny Royal Academy – M.A.Larson 

This is going to be a present for my son. Both my children love M.A. Larson from his YouTube videos with My little pony. He is about half way through the first story so this will be perfect for my son. He is loving it but I haven’t read it myself yet so will update this when I do. This is not a cheap book for £11.39 but it is Christmas?