Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov 

This is and was my classic for this year and I can’t believe this is on the curriculum in some countries. 

Deplorable storyline of a peadofile and often sickening descriptions of the torment of the child but then the author not happy with you hating the peodofile decides to blacken the victim’s character. No matter what Lolita was a child. Sicking story so be warned if you want to read it. 

What happens in London – Kristina Adams

I am always a bit hesitant reading a follow up novel 1 will it be as good and 2 will it taint the characters you loved in the first book? 

I can honestly say this is just as good as the first book. You also could read this as a stand alone if you wanted but I would advice reading the first one as you get more of a feeling of their perspective andpersonalities. 

It does leave on a small cliffhanger but one most readers can cope with. You not going to get a deep story but I would categorize this as a teenage novel like geek girl so it ticks all the boxes in that type of fiction. So if you looking for a good old fashioned light read then this for you. I have loved both books in the series and have downloaded a prequel to read.  

Thanks to the author for allowing me to read this for an unbiased review. 
The real world 

This was a little prequel. It’s short and sweet with basically a chapter but free from a link in the previous book I read. 

Japan selection box

Ok now both my kids are mad on anime so see a lot of ads watching cruchyroll and funimation so jumped at the chance of trying this online site that uses PayPal payments for peace of mind. Still waiting on my order so will update as soon as it comes but they deliver worldwide. If you interested could you use my code and thanks in advance as I get a bonus welcome pack for the click.

Floral rucksack 

I have been using this backpack around London this weekend. I love the colour I choose and I was surprised that it took the weight I forced into it. Believe me when I say six bottles of water plus snacks. Weighs a ton but not one sign on breaking. Got a few more days throughly test it out.

Less than a month on now and it’s showing signs of wear in the lining. The stitching has come away on the one seam and the bottom is showing the cardboard. Not great lasting inside but the straps still look good and strong.

Terror at the sweet shop – Lawrence Prestidge 


An amusing tale of your favourite sweet shop being turned into something in your darkest dreams…

Yep I can imagine the horror with the old fashioned shop I grew up with with the friendly shopkeeper becoming something dark and depressing when he disappears one day and the gang are on the case to solve the mystery and get their favourite place restored. 

Any Roal Dahl fans will love this quirky story. 

Lovely tale and brilliant for the younger readers. Thanks for the publishers for allowing me to read this for an unbiased review. 

Godblind – Anna Stephens

Godblind by Anna Stephens (Goodreads Author)

For fans of Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, and Mark Lawrence comes a brutal grimdark fantasy debut of dark gods and violent warriors.
The Mireces worship the bloodthirsty Red Gods. Exiled from Rilpor a thousand years ago, and left to suffer a harsh life in the cold mountains, a new Mireces king now plots an invasion of Rilpor’s thriving cities and fertile earth.
Dom Templeson is a Watcher, a civilian warrior guarding Rilpor’s border. He is also the most powerful seer in generations, plagued with visions and prophecies. His people are devoted followers of the god of light and life, but Dom harbors deep secrets, which threaten to be exposed when Rillirin, an escaped Mireces slave, stumbles broken and bleeding into his village.
Meanwhile, more and more of Rilpor’s most powerful figures are turning to the dark rituals and bloody sacrifices of the Red Gods, including the prince, who plots to wrest the throne from his dying father in the heart of the kingdom. Can Rillirin, with her inside knowledge of the Red Gods and her shocking ties to the Mireces King, help Rilpor win the coming war?

A gripping start to this story so thanks to the author and publisher for allowing me the chance to read this for an unbiased review. 

With the start I’m really looking forward to reading this story. Not for the younger readers of fantasy novels as the opening chapter get right into the story in a gory and uncomfortable start but it also gets you routing for Rillirin. 

I love all the characters even the ones you are going to dislike. Rounded and any Games of Thrones fans will love this even though this one is a lot darker but only up to book three on games of thrones so far. 

Gripping but gory. Oh wow the momentum keeps building until the end then leaves you hanging. Hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next part. Brilliant story. 

Thank you to the author/publishers for allowing me to read this story for an unbiased review. 

My Summer of Magic Moments – Caroline Roberts

This is my next NetGalley read. image003

About 24% in a few hours and it has giving me tears and understanding of the scars left behind after cancer. A really powerful start to the story and I’m already in love with the main character. A real page turner so far and different from what I expected.

I just couldn’t put this down. A real page turner and a heartfelt story that captured me from the start. I think I found a new favourite author to add to my reading list and looking forward to reading more from this author.