This is a new website so stick with me while I get used to running a blog for my Amazon and mail order Reviews. Like so many on Amazon I lost my right to review and feel like I have lost my voice on what I buy from there. Yes some were for a discount but followed their terms and conditions as far as I could see but somehow I got linked with a B.B.C box set and I had six years removed and nothing but a generalized message that I had broken their terms of reviews. Now I know I never worked with the B.B.C so thought it was the company that supplied the box set.I had ordered the first one that came up in the search feeds so had no connection with them either but as far as Amazon were concerned that was it for me with reviewing anything else.
Now I know there were hundreds that lost their voices so hoping this can open that back up from fake items to warn other buyers to just something you loved. Any help would gratefully be received in running this site.