Bitter Roots – C.J Carmichael 

This is classed as a thriller but for me it reads like a dark romance novel or general fiction. A little too light and no feel of danger to the story. The murder in itself feels like an added backstory for the characters rather than the important part of this story. If you like these new types of fiction then it’s written well but for me I need more of a feeling of horror or pity for the victim but this really didn’t seem to care about the victim. 

Breathing two worlds – Ruchira Khanna


This cover does need a redo so will update once the author has finalised this.  
This is my next review read that I had free from the author for an unbiased review. The copy I got still needs smoothing out so I need to review on story only and not editing as it’s still being processed. 

Starts out with Neena leaving India for America. A great start but it jumps to a fully settled Neena in America after. I would have liked more of Neena’s adjustments in a strange new world. 

The writing style is a little disjointed with the translation but I think it gives it more feeling of Neena and the way she thinks and talks and to have it professionally translated might take away the connection to Neena. 

A heartfelt story of adjusting to a new life as well as maintaining Neena’s culture. 

Muscle Food

I stumbled onto this food site by accident but have placed an order as it seems to be a good offer. Will update when I get it but if anyone clicks the link you will be able to get a free food item. The offer I got was a free 24 meat pack with an order of chicken. Seems like a good deal but we see when it gets delivered on Wednesday.

My reference link is below for a free item.

Trials of a Teenage Werevulture – Emily Martha Sorensen

A magical tale that is funny and entertaining for fantasy fans. More for the younger reader but I loved it so older readers can happily enjoy this but don’t expect blood and gore that you would get from an adult type fiction. 

A great little story that I would be happy to read more off. 

Thanks to the author in letting me read this little gem for an honest review. 

Twenty-four potential children of prophecy – Emily Martha Sorensen

Twenty-four potential children of prophecy – Emily Martha Sorensen

Ok rubbish cover but so far a funny fantasy novel aimed at the younger reader.

An enchanting tale of one possible prophet that will do anything to avoid being the chosen one. Funny and a real page turner for young and old.