Softbox light set
3 out of 5

These softbox lighting are a little on the light side so will need the weights to make them secure. For the price they are worth it but found them to easy to fall before the sandbags I purchased to weigh them down. If you looking for a more professional softbox I would pay out a little more for the quality but if you happy to save some money for fun or starting out then these are perfect for a beginner. I will be getting more but needed the sandbags for other things to make them more secure so these will come in useful. Easy to put up. Good lighting. 


Green screen out of 5

This was a big disappointment. Patchy green, came rolled I thought until I went to unroll it then found it was part rolled and part folded which does not make sense to me. Resulting in an awkward creases in the screen. 

Going to try the tight rolling for now but think I will need to steam it. The patchiness of the screen is the worst though. It’s like the dye dried wrong and left water marks and running. Oh well if anyone knows of a better one let me know.  

Retro Antique Jewellery Box
3 out of 5

Ok this did come with a chip but full refund given with no hassle so I am not going to deduct points for that but what left me dissatisfied with this was how cheap it looked and felt for the protential price of nearly £50. Iwas lucky enough to have this for £8. but think that is the price it should be. 

It does look amazing in photographs or in the background as a prop which is what we wanted it for. The casps look great and the carving look is impressive but what lacks is the wood used and cheap tricks to make it look darker and more expensive in their photograph used on Amazon. A little more quality in the wood and they would not had needed tricks. 

It is a shame they let themselves down on the quality of the wood as it would have been an appealing item anyone would want in their homes. 

Photograph Background.
3 out of 5

I gave this a low mark as the company always folds it in delivery and you need to steam out the creases. If they rolled them before shipping it will save on time and energy working out the folds. I tend to roll them as tightly as I can as soon as I get them. This is also not my favourite background with the wreath looking silly and cheapening the background. I have purchased a few of these for discounts and this one is made with a better silk thread than the others but don’t think that alters the finish when photographing. 

Flooring also available but the one pictured below is no longer available to buy.