Platinum Natural pet food & care

Ok I had a pack of samples sent to me for my little dog to try.  70% fresh meat so not needed to add water. 

The chicken was the first tried and no nasty smell when opening. 

Okay I’m not going to eat it so I just have to go on my pet. She ate it up with no hesitations or dirty look that she gives if she doesn’t like it. The only downside is that the nuggets are not round to use in her treat ball. 

The next flavour I tried with my dog was the Iberico and greens. These have a plesent smell to the nuggets that had my dog jumping up for them so that’s a seal of approval from her. 

The lamb was just as fragrant so my dog was just as excited to try these. She hasn’t been on long enough to say if there would be trouble with wind but I would be happy to pick up a bag and switch from her usual food. 


Dog/Cat Basket

5 out of 5

This would be ideal for a cat or a small/medium size dog. Cushion comes out for easy cleaning and soft fabric for the basket that allows also for cleaning. 

My dog Angel loves this bedding as we had one before over my mum’s in a larger size. 

She seems to like the ease of moving the mattress herself to make her bed. She is a right baby in our house so her choosing a bed rather than us is a huge thumbs up from her. 

Christmas dog pack
5 out of 5

I have bought this twice now. One with a discount and the other time full price as it lasted my dog ages and that is amazing with my dog Angel. The picture doesn’t show the treat ball as she could not wait for it. 

The only thing I found broke quickly was the frisbee the last time but my dog is very destructive and can break most thing in seconds. All the other items lasted about a year so that for me is a miracle. She still has the rope toys from the last time even though they frayed. The tennis ball cracked and came off last month but the rope part is still intact and usable. 

For me it was a great buy and if you have a destructive dog this would be perfect. The new set is going away for Christmas for her now so a few bits more and she be happy on the day.