Woman Recumbent – Stevie Davies

I can’t explain this too much without giving away the story but excellent quick read.

The Ghosts of the year – Jo Mazelis 

Oh this was an emotional read. Beautifully written again.

Watershed – Rhodri Clark

Only a Welsh person living in the valleys will get the meaning of this story. So true… loved this. 

Ten Quid for a Busted Casio – Brian George 

A great little story that I could relate too. Never went that far but an unhappy marriage can leave you wanting something else.

Hello – Ken Barlow

Ah didn’t expect the ending but had a neighbour’s music at all hours so I can sympathise with the character. 

A sort of homecoming – Tristan Hughes

A melancholy tale but excellently written.

The Point – Deborah Davies

Okay…. from something that starts out sweet? Written great but one of those stories that get to you. I will remember this quick story for awhile.

Love’s Ligature – Dennis Lewis

Another good one of starting again.

Pod – Stevie Davies

Okay not my favourite but as a mother I can relate to the story. 

Mysterious Ways – Belinda Bauer

Great story.

Patchwork – Ruth Joseph

Oh a sad tale.


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