Love, Murder & Mayhem – Crazy 8 press

A goon’s tale – Kelly Meding

Not what I expected but a bitter little revenge story. Short but enough to count as a story. 

The reboot of Jennis Viatorem – Karissa Laurel

I did love this story but felt it cut off a little too sharply. Would have liked a conclusion. 

Fractured – Robert Greenberger

Interesting story. I like that you didn’t know which direction it was heading. 

A Matter of Principle – Lois Spangler 

Ok felt more of a scene than a story but still entertaining. 

The case of the missing Alien baby mama – Paul Kupperberg

A strange little tale but keeps you interested. 

Super Mom’s Cookie Caper – Paige Daniels 

A great little story of a super-hero mum’s life. 

The Responders – Michael Jan Friedman 

A sweet little story that reminds me of the Beatles. 

Invasive Maneuvers – Hildy Silverman 

This one is my favourite so far. A great story and I’ll be looking up this author. 

The Note on the Blue Screen – Mary Fan

A futuristic Sherlock Holmes story. Very good. 

The Hardwicke Files: The case of my old life and the new one I never knew – Russ Colchamiro

I’m becoming a big fan of Russ Colchamiro. Love his easy writing style. Humorous and intelligent comes across the page as you read. 

As Time Goes By – Patrick Thomas 

Oh what a powerful story, loved it. 

This Mortal Coil – Peter David, Kathleen David and Sean O’Shea

Another great story. 

Speedeth all – Mariah L. Crawford

Another good story of war… I will not give it away but brilliant. 

Make it didn’t happen – Glenn Hauman

Great story about the problems with time travel….

Duckbob: Killer Service – Aaron Rosenberg 

Funny little tale and one of my favourites in this collection. 

A fantastic collection of short stories 


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