Paris for one – Jojo Moyles

This is supposed to be nine short stories. Not read anything by Jojo Moyles before but enjoying the first story Paris for one. This is a lovely novelette that takes you to about 40% into the book. 

Between the tweets 

Ok I didn’t like this one at all. 

Love in the afternoon 

This is a few pages long and a nice quick scene but I wouldn’t class it as a story. Nice enough for a few minutes though. 

A bird in the hand

Another quick little reads but a good quick scene that tells enough to warrant a story. 

Crocodile Shoes

Oh this is a little gem I can relate too. Short and sweet but a good story. 


This is my favourite out of the shorter stories. Funny and sweet. 

Honeymoon in Paris

Oh what a great story this one was. Two stories of a present and past couple spending their honeymoon in Paris and adjusting to marriage. Both sweet stories. 

Last year’s coat

An heartfelt story of making do. 

Thirteen days with John C

Not one of my favourite stories on here but still good. 


I loved the quick story. Funny and uplifting. 

The Christmas list

I wish I had done the same to my ex husband. Loved it. 


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