Artist pencils

This is going to be a two in one review as both feature in my daughter’s sketch.  

She started out with the artist pens for the outline but she thought them best for inking. lol I guess inking is like comic books type of sketches as she explains it. The cape and the bat wings in her hair used these pens for impact. She loves these pens for bringing a sharpness to her sketches. 

As for the pack of pencils she was pleased to have them as a gift but thought them no specific use than colouring. They nice and a great selection of colours but for the price you probably can get cheaper for the same quality. I know my daughter goes through a ton of pencils as once past a certain point they just keep breaking so she often uses those for doodles rather than risk starting over. 72 pencils does give you more choice of colours though so if you looking for a big selection then they not bad for pencils but I would look around for cheaper if you have the time.


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