Best pillow I’ve ever had

I needed a new pillow and when I saw this one and read all about it I thought it sounded exactly what I needed and I can honestly say I’m not dissapointed.

I suffer with a chronic pain condition so when I saw the dip in the middle I hoped it would do what it said it does. I have to lay on my side so have never had proper support around my neck but when I tried this one,i felt wonderfully supported, my shoulders were able to fit nicely just beneath the dip and can honestly say over the past few days it’s been lovely having that support as my neck hasn’t been hurting as much.

The memory foam pillow has been made with bamboo charcoal  which is to help regulate the heat. I’m on medication which makes me hot and my face very sweaty. I always wake up a few times during the night as I’m all sweaty. Since using this, I’ve found I’ve not been waking due to sweating which is wonderful! It’s nice to know a spare cover is included so  I can keep it nice and fresh.

It is quite expensive for a pillow but it’s most definitely not “just a pillow,” I think a lot of thought has been put into the whole ergonomic design of it.

This pillow also has 2 sides to it, a nice soft side on 1 side,turn it over and you get a firmer pillow…this pillow is great for so many different reasons.

#pillow #breathable #comfortable


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