A very comfy over the shoulder bag


I was looking for a nice bag suitable for all kinds of use. With a large family someone is always looking for a bag to use for school trips or to put clothes/toiletries in to stay around a friends and as the only female here,this over the shoulder bag is perfect for all of us.
This is made of a good quality material which is all waterproofed inside so I’m happy to know that none of our phones or tablets are going to get ruined.

It does actually have quite a lot of room inside, I have a 10 inch tablet and that fits in nice and easy. I love the size of the bag and it’s kind of triangle shape to it. Personally I have used this instead of my handbag for when we recently went away for a couple of days. It was so much easier for me to put my purse, phone & make up bag in and have this just on my back instead of carrying my handbag or have it keep falling off my shoulder…such an easier solution.

It is extremely lightweight so my back and shoulders weren’t hurting anymore than usual. Wearing a bigger type of rucksack would not be an option for me.

It has 2 compartments inside the bag, as well as the nice little zipped up one which is ideal for putting your keys, phone in as you can get to them a lot quicker.

The shoulder strap is really nicely padded so it won’t start digging into you. You can wear it across either shoulder as there are 2 buckles at the bottom of the bag for if you preferred it on one side to the other.

Its such a versatile bag and dosnt get in the way of anything your doing. Although I’m letting the male lot in the house use it too, they most definitely won’t be using it for mounting biking -which one does, and this bag  would be great for as it really does stay out the way,but I don’t want it to get dirty!!


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