Roller Blinds
I have put these up myself on the 2nd of January. Now I am not very handy so putting down the updates before I post this. Hence the date so you know it’s been tested. If I think it is looking good I will post then update later should anything change my view on these blinds.

A bit about me I have now been divorced for two years and I do run screaming to my dad if I need anything fixing where he normally breaks it and I have to get a new one. So I was sceptical on these easy to put up blinds that you need no tools for.

They were very easy to put up even if it is just diagrams to follow. A simpler version for an D.I.Y idiot like myself would have been better but yay me I managed to put them up. They do look like they will stay up but we see. Again hence the delay in posting this live. If they still up tomorrow and look strong then I will either show the damage or post live. Other colours are available but nothing would have matched in my kitchen so gone for a neutral for the review. 

There is a silvery back to the blinds which is a downside if you do not want that seen. I am lucky my kitchen only I can see.

Okay less than half an hour and I hear a crash. Yikes these did not work. Going to contact the seller to see how they treat customers promblems. Going live so I will update later once I hear.

lol I remember why I never ask my dad before putting anything up…

They been fastened the old fashioned way with screws now. A more D.I.Y minded person will not have any trouble with doing that. It’s just my dad that seems to do things the hard way that took him about half hour. It would be minuets for anyone else. Still love my dad but he makes me look like an expert in D.I.Y.




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