Softbox light set
3 out of 5

These softbox lighting are a little on the light side so will need the weights to make them secure. For the price they are worth it but found them to easy to fall before the sandbags I purchased to weigh them down. If you looking for a more professional softbox I would pay out a little more for the quality but if you happy to save some money for fun or starting out then these are perfect for a beginner. I will be getting more but needed the sandbags for other things to make them more secure so these will come in useful. Easy to put up. Good lighting. 


Green screen out of 5

This was a big disappointment. Patchy green, came rolled I thought until I went to unroll it then found it was part rolled and part folded which does not make sense to me. Resulting in an awkward creases in the screen. 

Going to try the tight rolling for now but think I will need to steam it. The patchiness of the screen is the worst though. It’s like the dye dried wrong and left water marks and running. Oh well if anyone knows of a better one let me know.  

Phone Screen Protector


I am doing a mass review as I have used a few versions with this company with my family’s different phones. They all basically the same and very easy to fit. I do tend to fuss about myself too much and can get a lifting up off the screen but my son is much better at fitting these and has no trouble. Still cheaper than a new phone so a must for any phone. 

Shown with Samsung 5s phone case attached. ULAK phone case has updated their design since I purchased the case. 

iPhone 5s
iPhone 7  or iPhone 7
Huawei P9 Lite
Huawei Mate
Galaxy s5 or Galaxy s5 
Galaxy A5
Galaxy s6
Galaxy s7 edge
Galaxy tab 9.6
Sony Xperia Z5
Google Pixel XL
Moto G4

iPhone 5s screen protector shown with ULAK iPhone 5s case

Artist pencils

This is going to be a two in one review as both feature in my daughter’s sketch.  

She started out with the artist pens for the outline but she thought them best for inking. lol I guess inking is like comic books type of sketches as she explains it. The cape and the bat wings in her hair used these pens for impact. She loves these pens for bringing a sharpness to her sketches. 

As for the pack of pencils she was pleased to have them as a gift but thought them no specific use than colouring. They nice and a great selection of colours but for the price you probably can get cheaper for the same quality. I know my daughter goes through a ton of pencils as once past a certain point they just keep breaking so she often uses those for doodles rather than risk starting over. 72 pencils does give you more choice of colours though so if you looking for a big selection then they not bad for pencils but I would look around for cheaper if you have the time.

Men’s Leather Shoes

5 out of 5

These handmade leather oxfords shoes are an excellent buy. Soft luxury leather that are comfortable and well made. As high a standard of an Italian leather made shoes. 

Comes in standard black or brown but the company does do a few other styles. My father was very happy that I gave them to him as a gift.

The soles of the shoes are also a good quality and not smooth like some shoes in this style so you will not find yourself ruffing up the soles. 

Excellent quality and comfortable. 

Fox Scarf

5 out of 5

I love this scarf and tempted to have it for my self. Larger than I thought it would be and very soft wool used. Arcrilic aterial used which is a shame but it does feel like genuine wool. The beautiful scarf has the head at one end and the tail at the other. Suitable for an adult or a long scarf for a child.

Totoro design socks

5 out of 5

These are not the cheapest at £19.99 at full price but they are now at about £13. soa little better. They are well made and no nasty string to get caught in your toes like some cheap brands. Warm and soft with a cute design. Thick wool but not to thermal thickness. Ideal with this cold weather we having at the moment. This design is called Totoro which is anyone a fan of anime will know the large white cat. Supposed to be a Christmas theme but this design can easily be worn through the year. There is also xmas Raindeer…

And xmas tree…
I paid £6.58 so had them a little cheaper but would have been happy paying a little more for the quality and that it is also Totoro. Big fans of anime films here especially Studio Ghibli films.