5 out of 5

I drink a lot of green tea but not the loose like this. Starbucks or pods for my Dulche Gusto machine that I import in. They are sweeter than you will get with the loose so you going to need to adjust jour taste buds or add sweetener.

Initially I tried without milk as I am trying to cut down on anything bad for me as I have high blood pressure. 

At the moment natural is too bitter for me so turned it into a latte for now. 

As good as any I tried but not as sweet which if you like me are trying to live more healthier is a big bonus. You need to drink it straight away or the paste will settle again but I found it a great morning tea for me and have been drinking the Dulche Gusto ones for a few months now. This for me is the next step and aventually I hope to skip the milk altogether. Think I am going to have to invest in a Matcha tea making set so if anyone knows of a reasonable price set let me know.

Another great thing is if you buy through Amazon the company will email you a PDF recipe book. Not had a chance to look yet as not been on my computer so I will update you on that once I get the time.


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