Bluetooth Earbuds out of 5

A new product on the market from Archeer and a fantastic one at that. I am extremely lucky to have been testing this out the last four months and any one that haven’t heard of this company on Amazon should check them out. 

Superb sound as always from this company. No distortion or dips in the transmission while wearing them. Comfortable to wear and sweat proof.  

You will not be disappointed with the sound quality on these. Crisp and clear with little sound leakage so what you listening too will stay in your ears and not ruin anyone else’s training unless you turn it up to max that is. 

Secure and stress free design allows for intense excercise. The cushioned ear buds provide for a more stable wearing.  
Set your own pace with your own tracks from your phone. 

Built in microphone for hands free use to make or receive calls. Online chats or simply workout with someone online. 

18 months money back guarantee.  

Company’s own stock photos used as no one wants to see me sweaty. 


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