Emoji Bag


5 out of 5

Although not very big it fits my daughter’s p.e kit in perfectly. Only priced at £5.49 but I did receive a discount for review. Although I got this for my daughter if she was younger I would have used this for a story sack. 

Storysacks are an ideal way to introduce reading to small children. A brilliant way to spend time and set that time aside for just the two of you. You can open up a whole new world to your child with just a little imagination. Plus if you get together with your child’s school or other parents you can spread the costs. 

All you need to make up a sack is a good book to build your sack around then match up the toys to bring the story alive. From finger puppets to board games. There are a lot of ideas to start building up a sack but the joy you find when your child opens up their sack for the first time and discovering what is hidden will keep them interested in the story and engages their imagination. This bag is not the biggest but will get you started on your first sack. I really miss sitting down and reading with my children with these sacks. A brilliant way of getting children interested in reading. 


Bluetooth Earbuds 

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M2WAT4P/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1FSK6D02TKYLY&coliid=I1EEQNPQ0798YB5 out of 5

A new product on the market from Archeer and a fantastic one at that. I am extremely lucky to have been testing this out the last four months and any one that haven’t heard of this company on Amazon should check them out. 

Superb sound as always from this company. No distortion or dips in the transmission while wearing them. Comfortable to wear and sweat proof.  

You will not be disappointed with the sound quality on these. Crisp and clear with little sound leakage so what you listening too will stay in your ears and not ruin anyone else’s training unless you turn it up to max that is. 

Secure and stress free design allows for intense excercise. The cushioned ear buds provide for a more stable wearing.  
Set your own pace with your own tracks from your phone. 

Built in microphone for hands free use to make or receive calls. Online chats or simply workout with someone online. 

18 months money back guarantee.  

Company’s own stock photos used as no one wants to see me sweaty. 

Gym Shoes

4 out of 5

Priced £21.99 I received these for 99p 

I took off a point for the sizing. I do have small ankles so would have liked a way of tighting these up but most will get away with it. These give you that opting if you are thinking of joining an waterarobics class in the new year. Can also be used for a indoor gym class with socks as it’s like going bearfooted but with the support under your soles to stop you slipping on the flooring. 

Comfortable on and breathable with the netting. Easy movement for most activities. Flexible soles so would be perfect for Zumba. 

I think the full price is worth it if you want a flexible shoe for movement activities. Not suitable for outdoor activities but ideal for any water yoga or aerobics. Other colours are available. 

Organic Matcha Tea

5 out of 5

I drink a lot of green tea but not the loose like this. Starbucks or pods for my Dulche Gusto machine that I import in. They are sweeter than you will get with the loose so you going to need to adjust jour taste buds or add sweetener.

Initially I tried without milk as I am trying to cut down on anything bad for me as I have high blood pressure. 

At the moment natural is too bitter for me so turned it into a latte for now. 

As good as any I tried but not as sweet which if you like me are trying to live more healthier is a big bonus. You need to drink it straight away or the paste will settle again but I found it a great morning tea for me and have been drinking the Dulche Gusto ones for a few months now. This for me is the next step and aventually I hope to skip the milk altogether. Think I am going to have to invest in a Matcha tea making set so if anyone knows of a reasonable price set let me know.

Another great thing is if you buy through Amazon the company will email you a PDF recipe book. Not had a chance to look yet as not been on my computer so I will update you on that once I get the time.

Fleece lined Jacket 

5 out of 5

This is a stunning and very warm jacket. Looks far better than my photograph shows but they are on the small size. My daughter takes about a UK 10-12 but ordered a UK large but it fits her perfectly. She absolutely loves the feel and often wears it as a coat because it’s so warm.

The fleece is of a high quality and feels extra soft and not scratchy like some can be. More like real wool than an artificial feel to it.

Other colours are available. Blue,Grey,Black and Red.

Striped Jacket

3 out of 5

Ok I reviewed this item for half of the sale price of £10.99 but usually on sale at £16.99. This is not a brilliantly made top. The stitching is poor and the seams don’t match up the stripes. 


My daughter is tiny but needed to order the x-large for her so not for the larger or taller buyers. Arms are longer than normal on her. A nice colour and she likes it but not very warm. I do not like it on her but for what I paid for it I am happy to keep it but would have felt cheated paying the sale price or the full on this product. 

Panda Hoodie (update)

Panda Hoodie – Reviews Are Us


3 out of 5
Okay new update. This has now been downgraded to a three. The Pom pom ears fell off during the wash. 

This is going to be my first review for my daughter. Looks great in the picture. Usually £21.40 but I had a discount and received it for £10.57 so just over half price. I will update this on packaging and quality.

Just trying it out now as my daughter has a tendency to find her clothes itchy once the tags are off. 
Okay she had worn it over the weekend and no scratching or wanting to take if off so a thumbs up from her. I took off the one point for the fleece. It has a nylon/polyester feel that could have been better for the price being paid but it’s finished off nicely and looks great so still worth the money.