Phone Case iPhone 5

4 out of 5

I do go through a lot of phone cases so I pick them up when I can with reviews. Very clumsy and dropping them all the time. The last one did not hold up at all so pleased I had a screen protector on my phone. 

The last one my phone screen was raised so left the phone vulnerable should you drop it but this one the case is raised giving a little more protection. I like the feel of the case as it is not as slippery as the last one so haven’t dropped it yet. A new protector in place from a pack of three I picked up through Amazon. Well worth the price of £6.99 but a little pricey for the price of £15.99. 

It has a clear back so takes on your phone’s colour.

4 out of 5

These are a lifesaver for your phone and a must I think. I do go through loads and normally have them fitted. Paid about £10. Each time in the past with fitting. 

I am not very good at fitting these as I always get an air bubble but for the price I think I can put up with that. £4.19 is an amazing price but as you get three even the full price would be worth it. I will update if things change. 


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