Pet Car Seat Carrier am still unsure what to mark this up as. There are some good points but some low points. 

It was awkward to put it in as there were no instructions included but I eventually worked out with the picture on Amazon. There is no harness for your dog so offers very little extra safety unless you use a harness for your dog. Sadly mine doesn’t like a harness. 

It will keep your car seat clean from your dog. Easily zips down to allow the dog an easy exit. I paid £2.99 with a discount but it is usually £16.99 excluding postage. I guess the price I paid would have been worth it but it would be too expensive for me because it offers very little extra protection apart from it stopping Angel from pacing or trying to get at me while driving and that’s a huge bonus for me. 

I think the only bonus for me is keeping my dog in the seat but I can’t work out if that is worth £16.99? I am not sure it is. I think if I felt my dog was safer for it then in a heartbeat I would pay it but feel that it lacks in that department.


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