Champagne & Lemon Drops – Jean Oram

4 out of 5

Gosh where to start with this?
It pulls you in very quickly and has some amazing writing but there is a big but with this story. 

I hated Oz with his emotional bullying and how cold he treated Beth. Nash is a controlling person that made me want to scream at Beth to run as far away as possible and last was Beth. Her acceptance of the way Oz treated her was downright pathetic. Sorry she was still madly in love or questioning if he still loved her after being cruel then going along with everything Nash wanted.

So why a four? I guess the writing pushed it up. There were parts that kept me gripped and considering I hated the love triangle this was a miracle. 

Another reason this was a completed story and no cliffhanger at the end. 

This for me was a free ebook on offer at the time but as a site promotion. 


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