Lens Cleaning kit


A poor 1 out of 5

As you can see with the picture that it’s on sale at the moment. I saved a little bit more with a discount and had it for £5.15. I haven’t got prime so had to order something for free delivery so paid out £16.53 just to put in perspective that even if I get a discount that I’m a paying customer most of the time. The other item was a book for full price and I will link that up later. 

This kit is a ocare C6 Professional 3 in 1 Camera Cleaning Kit for Digital Cameras Including 1 Air Blower / 1 Cleaning Cloth / 1 Cleaning Brush

My son being a media student relies on keeping his camera lenses in top condition and a good cleaning kit is a must. I will be breaking down each item and rating it between 1-5 five being the best to give you an idea if this pack is worth the price. 

Ok did I say 1-5? This is no way near a professional product and I’m disappointed with the price I paid for it so imagine if I paid full price of £16. I’m not going to break each item down as I’m hoping for a refund on this instead but I’ll let the picture show you. 


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