Pokemon Alola Collection 


5 out of 5

Any Pokémon collector out there would love this trading card set. Fast delivery and friendly staff from the seller on Amazon. I will be buying more for my daughter. 

Trading card Alola sun collection. Great box set for Christmas. Moon also available in a gift set. 


Ethernet 1m Cable


There not much to say with these but that it works. A must have where I live as my wifi is always going down but now I can still work and print from my computer without the wifi. Getting a larger one for the kids Xbox so they can play it in their room. 

Phone Case iPhone 5


4 out of 5

I do go through a lot of phone cases so I pick them up when I can with reviews. Very clumsy and dropping them all the time. The last one did not hold up at all so pleased I had a screen protector on my phone. 

The last one my phone screen was raised so left the phone vulnerable should you drop it but this one the case is raised giving a little more protection. I like the feel of the case as it is not as slippery as the last one so haven’t dropped it yet. A new protector in place from a pack of three I picked up through Amazon. Well worth the price of £6.99 but a little pricey for the price of £15.99. 

It has a clear back so takes on your phone’s colour.  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01MA6CHIG/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1

4 out of 5

These are a lifesaver for your phone and a must I think. I do go through loads and normally have them fitted. Paid about £10. Each time in the past with fitting. 

I am not very good at fitting these as I always get an air bubble but for the price I think I can put up with that. £4.19 is an amazing price but as you get three even the full price would be worth it. I will update if things change. 

Llham Blossom Espresso set

4 out of 5

Now on sale for £35.00 which I think is the realistic price for this espresso set. Advertised as a tea set but a little small for standard tea but would work for green tea. Looks stunning and would make a perfect Christmas gift for a coffee lover. The coffee pot looks and feels great. Not too heavy. The cups are a perfect size for an espresso. This is a lovely luxury espresso set but looks great on your dinning table. 

Supplied by Amazon so a secure delivery. Comes boxed. I was lucky enough to have a discount so only paid £10. But as a gift I think the £35 I would have happily paid for a gift. Would not have been happy with the £90 though. 

Christmas dog pack

5 out of 5

I have bought this twice now. One with a discount and the other time full price as it lasted my dog ages and that is amazing with my dog Angel. The picture doesn’t show the treat ball as she could not wait for it. 

The only thing I found broke quickly was the frisbee the last time but my dog is very destructive and can break most thing in seconds. All the other items lasted about a year so that for me is a miracle. She still has the rope toys from the last time even though they frayed. The tennis ball cracked and came off last month but the rope part is still intact and usable. 

For me it was a great buy and if you have a destructive dog this would be perfect. The new set is going away for Christmas for her now so a few bits more and she be happy on the day. 


5 out of 5

My son has nearly had this a year now. Very hard wearing and a great size. It looks as it did when he started using it and he uses every day for college and he packs a lot into it. Looks great also. The straps are still holding up and no tearing or fraying. Lining is still intact. I did have this free but would have happily paid for it as none of his other bags have lasted a term before. It takes a weight and holds up to the punishment. 

Hardcore Henry

5 out 5 

This was purchased on blue ray for the full price. A brutal fastpaced movie with Tim Roth showing off his amazing acting skills. I will not spoil why he’s amazing but worth watching this edge of your seat film, shot in first person format like you would experience in a game. A unique way of filming and worth any filmmakers out there to watch. This was a suggested as one to watch with my son as he is doing a media course.  

One to watch.